Elizabeth is thrilled return to the concert stage for the Friends of the Opera of Michigan's spring concert "The Passion and Resurrection" at 4pm on April 22nd. Learn more about this and other upcoming events below.

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"Strong ensemble singing and acting is turned in by Elizabeth Mitchell. Ms. Mitchell lights up the stage in Act III with a solo and a fabulous diva turn in a dress fit for Mardi Gras."


David Kiley 

Encore Michigan

Flora in "La Traviata" 

Giuseppe Verdi

​Arbor Opera Theater

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Elizabeth Mitchell 

Elizabeth is excited to announce that The Dodworth Duo's debut album "A Thorn Among Roses" is NOW AVAILABLE for purchase.To learn more about the CD, the Dodworth Duo, and how to get your copy today, click the link below.

"Elizabeth Mitchell, as Lady Jane, entertained the audience with her witty, full-blown humor."


Leslie Pearce-Keating 

The Daily Record


Gilbert and Sullivan

Ohio Light Opera