Elizabeth Mitchell 

"Elizabeth Mitchell impressively plays the Duchess, overshadowing the Duke at every turn as intended, and is absolutely sparkling in "On the Day When I Was Wedded."


Eli Nieburger, PULP

"The Gondoliers"

Gilbert and Sullivan


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Elizabeth has been nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her performance as Marmee in Little Women with One Off Productions. Additionally, her directorial debut of Mary Poppins with TYT  has been nominated for several awards including Best Production for Young Adults, Best Ensemble and more. To vote, click the link below.

Elizabeth Mitchell offers a poignant but refreshingly lighthearted take on the role. She has a remarkable and distinctive singing voice, with the acting chops to accentuate that innate talent. Her solo moments of reflection on stage as a mother trying to keep the fraying threads of her family woven together are a gut punch.


Roy Sexton, Reel Roy Reviews

Marmee in "Little Women" 

The Broadway Musical

​One Off Productions

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Elizabeth had a wonderful 2019 and is looking forward to her great 2020 season! Check out her Schedule Page to see what is coming up this year including the following: Dvorak's Stabat Mater March 29, Beethovan's 9th Symphony May 31, Opera on Tap, Dodworth Saxhorn Band  Concerts, and MORE!